Here Be Dragons

Y Ddraig Goch; The Red DragonDSCF2672draig goch 1 red dragon sanded sml

This Dragon comes from an ancient Welsh Yew Tree that grew on the banks of the Menai Straits in Snowdonia. It is the oldest Tree to live in Britain, and is fitting to represent the mythical creature of the ancient Celtic Welsh tribes. It has the curled tail and horn , seen on the Welsh flag. The eyes glow with antique silvered mirror glass that I have diamond ground, the pupils are glowing red Garnets.

The White Dragon

Photo01212014-07-14 11.21.22The ancestors of this White Dragon go back into the distant mists of time, in the Ancient Isles of Britain. Its fight with the Draig Goch of Wales is legendary. This one , however, is peaceably resting in a new built house in North Wales.

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